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Are you a victim of fraud?

Does anyone owe you money?

Do you suspect your spouse is hiding assets?

Are you having difficulty collecting child support?

TOKYO PRIVATE EYE is here for you

We offer the most trusted, discreet full range of private

investigations and surveillance services in Japan.

Asset Investigation is used to locate the assets of individuals or businesses. There are many reasons why you might need to conduct an asset search to confirm the existence of assets or hidden assets. Here are some of the most common reasons when asset investigation is helpful:


  1. Spouse is trying to hide assets

  2. Divorce Proceedings

  3. Difficulty in collecting child support

  4. Difficulty in collecting alimony

  5. Suspicion of Fraud

  6. Filing Litigation

  7. During the course of litigation

  8. Lending Money

  9. Someone won’t pay you

  10. Wills and Probate Cases


We can determine whether an individual or business is providing false information. Tokyo Private Eye has the resources and expertise to locate assets and hidden assets nationwide. The information and evidence gathered by us can help you win your case.


Asset Investigations:

  • Bank Accounts

  • Postal Savings Accounts

  • Bankruptcies

  • Assets

  • Hidden Assets

  • Property Ownership

  • Mortgage and Loan Information


Bank Account Investigation conducted by our skilled and licensed investigators can be used to locate personal or business bank accounts nationwide. People hide their bank accounts for some reasons such as: to hide money from their spouse, hide money from their business partner, to avoid paying alimony or child support, avoid paying a debt, etc.


Many individuals and businesses that are seeking a judgment or monetary compensation use our services. Hire us to conduct a Bank Account Investigation before a lawsuit to make sure that there are assets to collect.


We will help you avoid wasting your time and money in court for a judgment you might never be able to collect on. We offer a completely legal bank investigation with the result provided promptly.


We can help you locate hidden current and previous property or real estate, own by a person or corporation. We can also help you determine the current fair market value of the property or real estate.


We will provide accurate information and summary, which are presented in a form that is admissible in court proceedings.

Free Consultation Asset Investigation Japan / Property Investigation / Search Hidden Assets Japan / Tokyo Private Eye
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Financial Background Check is meant to assess a person’s financial responsibility by looking at how they manage money in their day to day life.


No matter the reason ( divorce, alimony, child support, court order, negotiations, business venture, etc. ) why you need to know if someone is concealing assets, we will search their complete financial situation, Assets, Debts, Income Sources, Bank Accounts, Real estate, company shares, etc.


Whatever situation you are facing, our financial investigators are available to provide you with assistance throughout the investigation.


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Free Consultation Asset Investigation Japan / Property Investigation / Search Hidden Assets Japan / Tokyo Private Eye




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