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Marital Issues Investigation Japan / Adultery Investigation Japan / Child Custody Investigation Japan / Child Support Enforcement Japan / Tokyo Private Eye

Do you suspect you have a cheating spouse?

Do you need clear and convincing evidence of adultery?

Are you going through a  custody battle?

Has your child been deprived of monetary support?

TOKYO PRIVATE EYE is here for you

We offer the most trusted, discreet full range of private

investigations and surveillance services in Japan.

Marriage is supposed to be the process of two people making their relationship official and permanent, but it is often cut short by separation or divorce. Common sources of marital stress and marriage problems are bad habits, time, issues with children, money problems, infidelity, etc.


Regardless of how long you’ve been together, there might come a time when a matrimonial disagreement arises.


Doubt when unresolved might lead to suspicion over time. Without proof, the suspicion is just a belief. When you start to see a pattern of behavior that might indicate a lack of trust, and you don’t have enough proof to make a firm conclusion. You will continue to think that there is something wrong. We are here to help you reveal information that you need to put facts into your suspicions and to resolve marital issues.


Matrimonial Investigations:


  • Details regarding the target’s activity

  • Target’s daily routine and whereabouts

  • Locating hidden assets

  • Adultery Investigation

  • Collection of evidence

  • Divorce Case Support

  • Child Custody

  • Child Support Enforcement


Japan`s divorce rate has been growing and extramarital affairs have become one of the main causes of the problems. When filing for a divorce on grounds of adultery, you will have to provide proof before the court will consider it. You will need documentation that you can use in the trial.  We will find other activities of your spouse that might prove grounds for divorce. We can obtain proof for you that will not only give you peace of mind. But also with a quality report with evidence that is legally court-admissible.


Child custody is a difficult and sensitive issue that comes up during divorce, separation, or custody case. In western countries, joint custody after divorce is allowed. However, in Japan, a married couple has joint custody, but in the case of a divorce, the couple must decide who will get the custody. If you can’t agree on parental authority, the court will decide.


We have carried out a large number of child custody investigation cases nationally and internationally. Our team can help you gather information and evidence to help you win your case.

Child Custody
Child Support
Marital Issues Investigation Japan / Adultery Investigation / Divorce Case Support / Free Consultation / Tokyo Private Eye
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Both parents have the responsibility to support their child(ren) financially.


After a separation or divorce, financial support for the child(ren) will be one of the big problems. If both parties can’t agree on the amount for the child(ren)'s support. You can go to the family court and file a petition for conciliation,  to demand the amount that you need for your child(ren) to the other parent. If you can't agree on the mediation, the trial will start automatically. You will need to prepare proof that the other parent is capable of paying the amount that you are demanding for your child(ren).


If you have problems regarding your child(ren) financial support, we can help you gather the necessary evidence to document and prove your claims.


Financial Background Check is meant to assess a person’s financial responsibility by looking at how they manage money in their day to day life.


No matter the reason ( divorce, alimony, child support, court order, negotiations, business venture, etc. ) why you need to know if someone is concealing assets, we will search their complete financial situation, Assets, Debts, Income Sources, Bank Accounts, Real estate, company shares, etc.


Whatever situation you are facing, our financial investigators are available to provide you with assistance throughout the investigation.


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Marital Issues Investigation Japan / Adultery Investigation / Divorce Case Support / Free Consultation / Tokyo Private Eye




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