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How to stop a stalker / harassment in Japan

Harassment, bullying, violence, and abuse can happen to anyone. You can experience this at home, school, work, public places, etc. Repeated harassment can cause physical and mental health problems such as difficulty in sleeping, stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, and depression. Noticing and acknowledging the warning signs is the first thing you need to do to stop it.

To Take action against someone who is causing the harassment, it is necessary to have the evidence of such behavior. We can help you gather evidence of the harassment that you are experiencing so that you can protect yourself in a court of law and stop the harassment.

Harassment Investigations:

  • Identify the offenders causing the harassment

  • Identify the background of the offender

  • Record Dates, Times, and Places of Incident of Harassment

  • Record all the damages caused by the harassment

  • Provide Evidence of Harassment being carried out


Stalking Investigation

Japan continued to see more reported cases of stalking and harassment. Stalking refers to any activity where a person contacts, harass, and threatens another person against their will and restricts their rights. Most stalking is done by someone known to the victim, yet some victims are stalked by strangers. Stalkers use different kinds of strategies to invade the lives of their victims. They are unpredictable and dangerous. Stalker behaviors include following a person, appearing at a person’s home or place of work, making harassing phone calls, leaving written messages, or vandalizing a person’s property.

If you are being victimized by a stalker and are afraid and feeling completely helpless, we are here to help you. Tokyo Private Eye have the best technology, knowledge, strategies, and expertise to help you find and identify the offender, find and collect evidence, and stop the harassment.


Bullying Investigation

Bullying is the abuse and mistreatment of someone vulnerable by someone stronger or more powerful. It is an ongoing and deliberate misuse of power in relationships through repeated verbal, physical, and social behavior that intends to cause physical, social, and psychological harm.

It can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere, and can leave you feeling unsafe and distressed. Bullying of any form of any reason can have serious short term and long term effects for the victim. Victims of bullying often experience depression, low self-esteem that may last a lifetime, shyness, loneliness, physical illness, and threatened.

The main goal of a bullying investigation is to save the victim from further harm by obtaining evidence that proves that bullying is occurring, which can later be used in pursuing legal civil or criminal action against the offender.




42 Years Old / Tokyo / Male

He is from New York and was chosen by his company to work in Japan. He brought his family with him. His children started to study in Japan. Lately, he notices that his 11 years old son is always sad and hesitant to go to school. He wants to know if other students are bullying his son outside the school.

Investigation Fee........................... ¥ 70,000

Transportation Fee ....................... ¥ 15,000

Advice for the Situation............... ¥ 0

Introduce Experts based on need ¥ 0


¥ 85,000


23 Years Old / Kanagawa / Female

She works in a night club. She is one of the girls who has top sales in the club. After her work, she feels that there is someone who's following her. She even finds letters from her mailbox from an unknown person. She wants to know who is stalking her and have evidence to stop the stalker.

Investigation Fee........................... ¥ 250,000

Transportation Fee ...................... ¥ 35,000

Advice for the Situation............... ¥ 0

Introduce Experts based on need ¥ 0


¥ 285,000


35 Years Old / Osaka / Male

He has a former girlfriend and got separated 5 years ago. They have been together for a few months. They separated because his former girlfriend follows him everywhere. She follows him even while he's having a meeting with his clients. He is married now for 1 year, but his former girlfriend doesn't stop harassing him and his wife. He wants to have proof of the harassment to him and to his wife. He wants to gather all evidence so that they can report it to the police to stop the harassment.

Investigation Fee........................... ¥ 350,000

Transportation Fee ...................... ¥ 50,000

Advice for the Situation............... ¥ 0

Introduce Experts based on need ¥ 0


¥ 400,000

The cost of a private investigator depends on the services required. Each case is different and there are different rates depending on the services required. The cost will depend on what you are looking for, the case scenario, the amount of work or time required, and the locations. We can provide a quote on the application once we have discussed and assessed your requirements.

We will always endeavor to work within your budget to get you the results you need. We always ensure clients fully understand what they will be paying before we start the investigation.