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How to stop your spouse's lover in continuing the affair with your husband/wife

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If your spouse has stepped outside of your marriage with another lover, you might feel humiliated even though you have done nothing to be ashamed of. For some people, adultery means an automatic divorce. But others may still have feelings for their spouse, and depending on the situation they may want to try and continue the marriage.

Not all unfaithful spouses end an affair after being discovered. There are many unfaithful spouses; who continue to see their lover and continue with their emotional or sexual affair.

Maybe you had tried to choose to trust your spouse again, but your spouse kept on continuing the affair. Maybe you had thought that confronting your spouse's lover by pleading, cursing, or threatening will let them stay away.

Here is the problem. Confronting the lover may only add fuel to fire. If you are expecting an apology, it is expected that you will not get one. If you are believing that you can get the truth to the lover, remember that it is not unexpected to the lover to lie and manipulate the situation. Confronting your spouse's lover is too risky even if you know the lover. Every individual reacts differently when somebody will confront them. Mostly in cases like this, individuals tend to react severely.

Before confronting your spouse's lover, think of the possibility that such a meeting might do more harm than good. Whatever you say and whatever manner you explain it to your spouse's lover, he/she will never have a concern to you neither your family. Remember that it is your family that you are fighting for. Don't give your spouse's lover the authority or right to talk to you and any member of your family. Show the outside person that he/she has no right to join the family for discussion and decide what to do.

If you had tried all the solutions you know to stop your spouse and your spouse's lover and it didn't work, but still you are willing to fight for your spouse and continue your marriage, sometimes the only way is to get evidence. Tokyo Private Eye is skilled in solving marital problems that need a creative solution.



CASE 1 32 Years Old / Kanagawa / Female

Her husband and her husband's lover promise her that they won't see each other again after she discovered their relationship. She had chosen to trust her husband, but he continues to go home late and whenever she tries to call him after work, he didn't answer her calls. Even with all of her husband's suspicious actions, she continues to believe him. One day she saw a message from her husband's lover, inviting him to meet her after 3 hours. She expected her husband that he's going to tell it to her. But instead, her husband told her that he's going to have a meeting with his boss. After her husband didn't tell her about the message he received from his lover, she decided to contact us and consulted her situation.

Since it is a rush case, we immediately planned what kind of surveillance we needed to do. We urgently chose the investigators, and send them to the location. Our Investigators are all trained in rush cases, so they know what to do in that kind of situation. Our Investigators had able to get the evidence that our client needed to prove that her husband and husband's lover are continuing their affair. After having all the proof, her husband and his lover had finally stopped seeing each other.

8 Hours x 1 Day Investigation...... ¥ 120,000

Transportation Fee ....................... ¥ 15,000 Miscellaneous................................ ¥ 12,000

Advice for the Situation............... ¥ 0

Introduce Experts based on need ¥ 0


¥ 147,000


28 Years Old / Fukuoka / Female

She thought that her married life is perfect. Until one day, a woman called her and told her that she is having an affair with her husband. She tried to ignore her because she trusts her husband so much. Even how hard she tried to ignore the woman, the woman still keeps on disturbing her by calling her many times in one day. The day came that she can't handle all the stress that the woman is causing her. She confronted her husband and her husband admitted everything to her. Her husband told her that the woman who was calling her is his officemate. According to her husband, he had a one night stand with her officemate after a company party. When the alcohol was out of his system, he instantly regretted his action. He apologized to his officemate, believing that she will understand because he always talks about how he loves his wife. But after that night, his officemate started to blackmail him and forced him to have a relationship with her so that she won't tell his wife about what happened to them. Her husband didn't agree to his officemate, that's when her officemate started to harass his wife. After hearing everything, they met the officemate to apologize and beg not to disturb her family anymore. The next day, her husband told her that her officemate quitted her job. They thought that she gave up on disturbing them, but instead, it got worse. They can see her following them during weekends, she continues calling them many times in one day using different numbers, and she continues sending things to their apartment. The couple contacted us and consulted what to do in their situation.

We made the investigation plan that suits best with their situation. We did surveillance investigations to gather all the evidence that they need to prove the harassment that they are experiencing. After gathering all the evidence to prove all of the harassment, our legal representative helped the couples to file a complaint against the officemate.

3 Hours per day x 4 Days ...........¥ 180,000

Transportation Fee ........................ ¥ 20,000

Miscellaneous................................ ¥ 5,000

Advice for the Situation............... ¥ 0

Introduce Experts based on need ¥ 0


¥ 205,000


47 Years Old / Saitama / Male

He works so hard because he wants her wife to focus on their children. His wife was a homemaker for 20 years. One day his wife asked him if she can work in her friend's bar. Since their children are already big enough to take care of themselves, he allowed her to work. His wife promised him that she's only going to work 2 to 3 times a week. But after 2 months, she started to work longer and went to work almost every day. A concerned friend told him that his wife is seeing another man that she met in the bar. She confronted his wife and his wife admitted everything. After admitting the affair, his wife asked him for a Divorce. His wife said he wants to be with his lover. After hearing all of that from his wife, he decided to contact us and consulted his situation.

We made the investigation plan that suits best on his situation. We did a surveillance investigation and a background check to his wife's lover. After the investigation, we found out that his wife's lover is already married and has 3 children. We also found out that besides having an affair with his wife, his wife's lover is seeing another woman. He told everything that we found out to his wife. At first, his wife didn't believe him. She said that she knows that her lover has 3 children, but he is already divorced and promised her that they will get married after her divorce. He showed her all the evidence that we gather, and after that, she founds out that believing her lover was a mistake.

3 Hours per day x 5 Days ...........¥ 225,000

Background Check..........................¥ 100,000

Transportation Fee ........................ ¥ 30,000

Miscellaneous................................ ¥ 23,000

Advice for the Situation............... ¥ 0

Introduce Experts based on need ¥ 0


¥ 378,000

The cost of a private investigator depends on the services required. Each case is different and there are different rates depending on the services required. The cost will depend on what you are looking for, the case scenario, the amount of work or time required, and the locations. We can provide a quote on the application once we have discussed and assessed your requirements.

We will always endeavor to work within your budget to get you the results you need. We always ensure clients fully understand what they will be paying before we start the investigation.



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