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Partner / Fiance's Background Investigation in Japan

Preparing to get married is an exciting time, but it is also fraught with expectations, tough financial decisions, and future conflicts. We can’t always know definitely whether or not someone will be the perfect partner forever. If you don’t deal with an issue before marriage, you will deal with it while you’re married.

Pre-Matrimonial Investigation is used to uncover all the aspects of an individual’s past and present life. Many marriages without sufficient information about their future spouse might lead to unhappy and broken marriages.


  • Background Check

  • Personality / Behavior Investigation

  • Financial Status

  • Social Status

  • Family Background

  • Family Reputation

  • Financial Status of the Family

  • Past and Present Relationship

  • Marriage Records

  • Employment Status



Before committing to a relationship with a person, you want to know they are whom they say they are.

If you have doubts that your partner might still be married, or even living with someone, we are here to confirm the relationship status of that person.

We can also help you find out the previous relationships, love affairs, or any sort of commitments, and even marital and divorce history of that person.



We search for information about the family background, family reputation, financial status, education, nature, or any other issue within the person. We can help you validate and verify information that can change your lives forever.

To end any doubts and collect any concrete information about your partner, fiancé, or spouse, we are here to help you find the truth.



Financial Background Check is meant to assess a person’s financial responsibility by looking at how they manage money in their day to day life.

No matter the reason ( divorce, alimony, child support, court order, negotiations, business venture, etc. ) why you need to know if someone is concealing assets, we will search their complete financial situation, Assets, Debts, Income Sources, Bank Accounts, Real estate, company shares, etc.

Whatever situation you are facing, our financial investigators are available to provide you with assistance throughout the investigation.



If you have observed concerning behavior or are suspicious about the behavior of your partner, spouse, child, child’s fiancé, etc. and want to determine whether your instincts are right, our expert investigators use covert surveillance.

It is the ideal way to gather the clearness you’ll need to progress your case or prove your point.

If you need any evidence or confirmation of your suspicions, this service is the best way to achieve your objectives.




33 Years Old / Osaka / Female

She wants to know if her fiance is telling the truth. She wants to know her fiance's Marriage & Divorce Records and if he has children.

Basic Information of the Fiance &

Identity Check of the Fiance.......... ¥ 120,000

Transportation Fee ........................ ¥ 15,000

Advice for the Situation................. ¥ 0

Introduce Experts based on need ¥ 0


¥ 135,000


40 Years Old / Shizuoka / Female

Her parents got divorced and after few years, her father is planning to get married to his new girlfriend. She only knows a few information about her father's fiance, but want to know more information about her and her family.

Basic Information of the Fiance &

Identity Check of the Fiance.......... ¥ 200,000

Transportation Fee ........................ ¥ 20,000

Advice for the Situation................. ¥ 0

Introduce Experts based on need ¥ 0


¥ 220,000


57 Years Old / Chiba / Male

His daughter's fiance has a lot of bad rumors. He wants to know more about him and his family before the wedding of his daughter.

Fiance's Background Check &

Fiance's Family Background.......... ¥ 300,000

Transportation Fee ........................ ¥ 25,000

Advice for the Situation................. ¥ 0

Introduce Experts based on need ¥ 0


¥ 325,000

The cost of a private investigator depends on the services required. Each case is different and there are different rates depending on the services required. The cost will depend on what you are looking for, the case scenario, the amount of work or time required, and the locations. We can provide a quote on the application once we have discussed and assessed your requirements.

We will always endeavor to work within your budget to get you the results you need. We always ensure clients fully understand what they will be paying before we start the investigation.