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Surveillance Services in Japan

Nobody has a perfect life, everyone has their own problems. We all struggles with the essential problems and difficulties of life. We all have our doubts and fears. Mostly, we can instantly solve the problems without having so much trouble. However, there are times that our own solutions or strategies will not work. Sometimes the only way to make sure that you are hearing the truth from your friend, partner, spouse, family, a business partner is to find evidence or confirmation of your suspicions. Tokyo Private Eye is skilled in solving problems that need creative solutions. Our Private Investigators are trained in all types of surveillance that will match your objectives and specific requirements.


Our Surveillance Services are helpful in the following cases:

  • Cheating Partner, Adultery, Infidelity Cases

  • Insurance Fraud Cases

  • Violations of non-complete Agreements

  • Employee Investigations

  • Worker's Compensation Investigations

  • Internal Theft Investigation

  • Employee Integrity Investigation

  • Domestic Issues, Child Custody, Abuse, Neglect

  • Child Support Investigation

  • Workplace Conduct Checks

  • Quality of Service

Our Surveillance Services are not limited to those cases. You can inquire about your problem so that we can find the right solution to solve your case. Our Surveillance Investigators are highly trained in the latest, modern equipment and surveillance techniques.